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Hex spell uses for Disadvantage.

Strength: Hexing a strong creature that is determined to grapple you will help you and your party get away. This would also debuff other Athletics (Strength) checks, e.g. swim checks, climb checks, jump checks, etc.

Dexterity: Hexing a weak yet agile enemy’s Dexterity means your ally trying to grapple it will have a higher likelihood of success. This would also debuff Stealth checks, Sleight of Hand checks, and other checks having to do with grace, balance, and the like.

Constitution: Hexing a creature that is chasing you and targeting Constitution increases the odds that it will run out of stamina, allowing you to escape. This would also debuff its ability to hold its breath, deal with privation (lack of sleep, food, etc.), and hold its liquor/not succumb to intoxicants, among other things. Maybe you Hex the local Lothario’s Constitution and let him ruin his own reputation…

Intelligence: Hexing Intelligence is great for having creatures succumb to illusions, and also a very useful debuff for social interactions where a creature may failure to recall important information, accurately appraise items, etc.

Wisdom: Hexing a creature to target its Insight could really help with trying to use Deception or Persuasion effectively. It would also sabotage Animal Handling (if they are mounted and not a Paladin with Find Steed, that’s bad news), Medicine (if they are trying to stabilize their allies), Survival (if they are trying to track you). Also important, when dealing with powerful enemies, debuffed Perception (Wisdom) could help an ally trying to use Stealth (Dexterity) to get away, retrieve an object, or close in for an important attack.

Charisma: Hexing a “smooth talker” type by targeting their Charisma could help the party not get conned or otherwise screwed over. You could also debuff a hated performer into bombing their performance.

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