Princes of the Apocalypse - Temora

Start of the Fire Temple.
Boring version.

firemap.png#27. Barricades
The passage emerges into an oddly shaped room. A loose pile of stone forms a barricade across the route, angled to defend intrusion from the south.

Six hobgoblins stand guard here, dressed in flame-red tabards with the symbol of elemental fire on the chest.

#25. Supplicants’ Room
This large chamber is shaped like an elongated hexagon, with a door set into the points at east and west. The door to the east has been painted red with a black, stylized cauldron symbol upon it. Additional exits lead north and south. Several ancient forges and anvils stand in the room, and many sleeping pallets lie scattered in their midst.

Eight cultists and two cult fanatics are here.

Followed by Reinforcements. Mage and her 4 magmins + Four hobgoblins and a hobgoblin captain. Mage escapes and contacted the chimera. Which moves to help.

#29. Quarters
Scorch marks and charred furnishings litter this chamber, and a burned tapestry spans the east wall.

#28. This foul smelling, oddly shaped room contains a number of sleeping pallets.

#26. Fire Temple
This room has a wide alcove in the west wall. A raised dais with an altar fills the alcove. Flanking the dais are two smoking braziers and two flickering torches in sconces. Rich tapestries decorate the walls. The tapestry behind the
dais is adorned with a stylized cauldron symbol.

Priest is kneeling before the altar.

The braziers are receptacles holding two fire elementals under the priest command.

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Howling temple is picked clean and we enter the FIRE!
Starts with a Druid in blue.

Starts with a Druid in blue.
Game 27th Feb 2016

Party fight, kinda of. Battle with the new Blue Drastix post resurrection.
Drastix unintentionally used a force push type ability after being poked by Sparky and Croc multiple times.

Rhett gave him a Eldrich blast to calm him down, Sparky sent him some care packaged Magic Missiles to calm him down, then Croc gave him a careful splat that shook him to his senses. By this time it was his turn and he asked us to chill and apologized.

Ended up raiding the room and the body of the Elf lady.
Platinum Torc (Rhett – for party loot)
gold & sapphire rings (Gav took)
Circlet – thing on her head (GAv)
Spellbook (Rhett)
Milo has the Seeker dart. Whisper the word “‘seek’”. 120ft range. can go around corners, go through 1 inch spaces, has a DC16 save 1d4 damage and 3d4 lighting damage. One shot wonder.

Searched a ruined dwarven shop area.

We Killed Umber hulk skulking around some ruins. We found a Silver Rod – two horse heads. Identified later by Rhett as a Immovable Rod. (With Rhett – for party loot)
Where we found the hulk was a small electrum Anvil etched with Moradin funerary rites (taken by Ymir)
110gp found shared between the party. – 15gp per person.

Next fight – 7 Ghouls.
Initially Fireballed (spell) then finished off by the party.
7 figurines ( 1 each except Luna) (With Rhett – for party loot)
5 nick knacks treasures (Rhett – for party loot)
7 funerary masks (Wroth 50 g) 1 each except Luna. (With Rhett – for party loot)

Searched – Baker, Jeweler, Smith, Dwarven Dining hall.

  1. we found a trapped Elf ( Kianna ) in a hole. Inside a skeletal worm thing.

Left the Howling temple via the north exit.

Start of a new fire temple….

Found a barricade with Hobgoblins. Croc ran into the mix and then Rhett cast Hunger of Hadar for the first time. The new blue Drastix cast Dust devil into the darkness and we waited for see how the round would run its course.
While Croc was trapped in the Hunger, he heard and felt things. bad things… Things that he’ll never forget . End of the round everything behind the barricade was dead except Croc.

We moved to the next door where Croc was still traumatized and didn’t want to enter at first.

Some cultists started to run at us so Rhett may have used his Staff to fireball the area… all but two left were quick dispatched of by the party.

As we cleared the area of bodies a new bunch of people attracted by the fight came out.

5 Hobgoblins with a tough looking one.
4 Flaming looking creatures. Magnims
1 Female Human mage in red.

Mage escaped with misty step after Ymirs chain item. Rhett turned into gaseus form after the fire imps tried to burn him.
Shortly after the mage escape we had the arrival of a Chrimera. We finished off the hobgoblins and imps and Rhett then lightning bolted the Chrimera into oblivion!
Fight over. Not much in treasure. Croc picked up Hobgoblin healing potion.

  1. empty.

Walking into #26 for another fight.
Rhett tried talking to a priest in the room (using Common and Infernal) and then Luna threw a dagger at him.
He then disappeared and 2 fire Elemental s appeared from the Braziers.

Drastix went down twice. The Party wailed on the two fire elementals with Rhett landing the killing blows on both with Eldrich blast.

Loot to be picked up next game.


Temple of the Howling Hatred
With only what we have unlocked so far.

Only text from that would be read by the DM. No spoilers.

A 1. Palace Quarter Entrance
The carved reliefs of two dwarves face one another in profile to complete an arch beyond the ledge. Through the arch, the blocky contours of a lost dwarven city sprawl in the subterranean night. From somewhere within comes an agonized wail, followed by a breathless ramble of whimpering pleas. Then the whole city seems to join the chorus with the screams of creatures mad from torment.

A 2. Gate house
A squat stone gatehouse stands at the entrance to the dwarven city. Beyond the open gates, an arched corridor zigzags past sturdy stone walls where arrow slits squint from every angle. At the far end of this murderous hallway stands the entrance to this lost dwarven city.

A 3. Machine Chamber
Two massive stone pillars thread holes in the floor and ceiling of this vast chamber. Stone crossbeams pierce the pillars to form spokes, creating giant wheels. Two robed figures whip five sorry-looking humans into pushing against the crossbeams of the westernmost wheel with all their might. As the wheel turns slowly counterclockwise, you hear the grinding of enormous gears hidden deep below the stone floor.

A 4. Plaza of the Muses
A stone fountain stands in the middle of a grand plaza, its sides sculpted into the shapes of dwarves bearing drums and horns. Near the fountain, several figures in feathered attire play a shrill, discordant tune on flutes made of bone.

A 12. Moradin’s Shrine
Frescoes cover two walls of this chamber, one depicting the creation of the dwarves by Moradin, the other a massive battle between orcs and dwarves. The far wall is pocked and pitted with holes in the masonry where gemstones once surrounded an altar in the shape of an anvil. Now only the chipped remnants of garnets and agates remain. In the middle of the room, three bird-headed creatures torment a group of shackled prisoners.

A 14. Living Quarters
These buildings are more or less intact, although the furnishings and decorations have long since been removed. Shards of rubble, broken pottery, and bits of bone litter the floor.

A 15. Plaza of Fallen Spires
Cracked flagstones of ultramarine marble pave this plaza. An avenue to the east ends at a wall of fallen masonry and
stone. To the west, a pillared colannade stretches across a moat to a step pyramid.

This is where we found the Djinni Ahtayir. Aerisi Kalinoth commanded the djinni to restore the dwarven city to its former glory. Aerisi controls the Djinni with the magic Horn.

A 16. Obelisk Row
Three tapered obelisks, their sides inscribed with ancient pictographs, stand in a row, their peaks scraping the fifteen-foot-high ceiling. Each obelisk has a gaunt human tied to its base. Around the obelisks, a colored cobblestone
mosaic depicts Moradin, a huge warhammer slung over his shoulder.

A17. The Palace Way
This stone colonnade spans the moat surrounding the step pyramid. Stone pillars line the way like enormous trees, engraved with the names and likenesses of notable dwarves of the past. Broken pieces of wood and stone litter the floor.

A 18. Grand Hall
Two rows of pillars support the twenty-foot-high ceiling of this marble hall. The pillars are sculpted to resemble dwarves locked in solemn stares. Each one clutches a stone axe. East of the pillars are two ascending marble staircases without handrails. In the middle of the room, several cultists in gray feathered robes levitate a few feet above the floor while chanting a hymn. Howling air rises from a pit in the middle of the floor.

A19. Temple of Elemental Air
The stairs rise twenty feet to a spacious, twenty-foot-high chamber containing a map of an ancient dwarven realm meticulously etched into the flagstone floor. At the far end of the chamber, a high throne atop a marble dais overlooks
all. Peaked arcades hung with gossamer sky-blue curtains run the length of the chamber on either side. From behind
these a heady incense wafts, its sweet smoke moving like a creature of air. Behind the high throne, a great spiraling horn rests in an alcove.


Feathergale Spire notes.
We came, we saw, we burned!!!!

We are not a party to go in by the front door. We all ventured up to the top of the Spire with the aid of spider climb.

As we got there we found some Knights and their giant Vulture mounts hanging out. We proceeded to destroy them without a word.
Assuming they were all bad people we ended up going down the tower level by level killing all we found until the Knights tried to make a stand at one of the lower levels with a large dining area.

After they were wiped out. We proceeded to the dungeon/ Vulture stables where one rider ( the boss) had escaped on his winged mount. We then proceeded to loot the tower with little disregard.

Some how a fire started in the stables and rose up to consume the tower. How it started we may never know (Rhett, cough, Rhett)

From there we went down to where the Blood eagles were gathering around bodies thrown/possibly sacrificed from the tower.

We proceeded to head east in the direction the Knight boss fled until we reached the entrance to the Howling temple at Knifepoint Gully.

Map of Redlarch


Redlarch things we learnt

Delegation disappeared
We heard about a missing delegation from Mirabar to summit hall
Mirabarans last seen to have passed through Beliard

The shepherd Larmon Greenboot found strange new graves out in the Sumber Hills. He took us there one morning where we found the freshly dug graves.

At the Shallow Graves.
On a barren hilltop a few miles from Red Larch, you find four freshly dug shallow graves. The earth scraped out for the holes is piled nearby, although hastily gathered stones cover the graves. The faint smell of death hangs in the air, and several vultures circle overhead.

In side the graves one female human warrior dressed in a red surcoat with a black axe (the symbol of Mirabar’s army), one male human warrior dressed in a black cloak with strange stony armor, and one male human in a white robe with
black feathers at the shoulders . All died from arrow wounds or crushing blows.

Someone told us about Fire elementals seen in the area. Which area I cannot remember.

Townsfolk are concerned about strange events.

Helvur Tarnlar the tailors kids told us about a dwarf who warned them away with a tale about a plague out by Lance Rock. This is where we found and killed the Necromancer. Good times.
Rhett got on famously with the only people in town with any sense of style or social grace. Helvur Tarnlar (male human) & Maegla Tarnlar (Female human)

Rhett purchased in a shop a dozen beautiful old books written in Dwarvish. These came from cargo of a shady keelboat skipper in Womford.

Sighing Valley
Map in a log as a I can only add 1 map to the free site.


In the sighing Valley.
V.2 Six blood hawks circling around dead humanoid remains.
V.6 We killed some Gnolls.
we ran into bird people here somewhere. Druid did the translating. Bad people in tower.

Howling Hatred Staircase
How l imagine the entrance to the Howling Hatred temple to look.


Healing potions.
Because people keep asking about the stats.

You regain hit points when you drink this potion. The number of hit points depends on the potion’s rarity, as shown in the Potions of Healing table. Whatever its potency, the potion’s red liquid glimmers when agitated.
(Where the potion of extra healing appears in the adventure, use the potion of greater healing.)

Healing : Common : 2d4 + 2
Greater healing : Uncommon : 4d4 + 4
Superior healing : Rare : 8d4 + 8

Where we are up to.

Killed the Air prophet Aerisi Kalinoth with the Assistance of the Djinni Ahtayir. Temple of Howling Hatred.


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